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There is a variety of housing types available:


Renting an entire house  is a wise choice for families and those who want to share a property with friends or colleagues.


Renting an apartment  is probably the best option for those looking for privacy. A self-contained apartment is ideal for professionals or even students but pricing might be an issue.


A lot of students in the Netherlands rent rooms in student houses, which are privately-owned houses designed to host three to six individuals. Living with strangers and following the house rules might be difficult at first, but nearly all adapt over time.


If you are looking for small self-contained space, you should consider a studio . A place to relax, sleep, cook and shower in one. Ideal for young professionals or students and less expensive than an apartment.

Choosing the right location for your new house in the Netherlands

Looking for a house in the Netherlands ? Consider the following issues first:

Local amenities

– Which hospitals, doctors and dentists are located in the wider area?
– How far is the nearest bank / ATM?
– Any (night) shops / shopping centers / kiosks nearby?
– Are there leisure facilities (parks, gyms, sport centers, etc.) in the neighborhood?

Public transportation

– What is the public transport like in the area?
– How far is the nearest metro / tram / bus station?

Moving around

– Are streets, sidewalks and alleys well maintained?
– Is there allocated parking? How difficult is it to get a parking permit?
– Is this a good neighborhood for cycling? Are there sufficient bicycle lanes and stands?
– What about the volume of traffic?


– Walk around the property. What do passengers say about the neighborhood?
– What are the neighbors like?
– Does it feel like a friendly community?
– Any churches or other places of worship close by?


– What is the crime level like in the area?
– Is there enough street light at night?


– Is the area noisy? Is it near main roads, railway / tram lines or flight paths? Any noisy clubs, pubs or restaurants around?
– What is the condition of nearby properties? Are there any construction plans?
– Are there any known plans for development in the wider area?

Other issues

– What are the local schools like? Any international schools around?
– What about the local economy? Any new / classy / fashionable shops, restaurants or bars recently opened? Their price levels may be a good indicator.
– How far are the garbage collectors?


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