Finally! You have found the home that suits you and that meets your wishes and expectations. Even after the viewing you are just as enthusiastic as before. Sometimes you have to wait for a confirmation from the broker or the landlord after a viewing, but when it is also in, the preparations for the move can begin!

Many people dread relocating because it requires a lot of time and energy. But moving is also fun, because a new home also means a new step in your life. To prepare you as well as possible for that beautiful but hectic moving day, we give you many good tips that will hopefully help you.

Take care of your affairs

A relocation involves many things that need to be arranged. Below we have listed a number of important things you can think about:

  • Start selecting and packing your things on time. Take a critical look at your belongings before packing them, so that you can already make a choice in your old home as to what to bring and what to leave. Buy sturdy moving boxes and label them with a sticker so you know what’s inside. That saves you a lot of work while packing and unpacking your things.
  • Check carefully whether you want to use a relocation service. Request a quote in advance from a moving company, so that you have a better overview of the costs for the service. It is also advisable to inquire about the rates in advance for renting a moving van or truck.
  • Check whether you are entitled to housing benefit. This is a contribution towards your rental costs. Read more about the conditions for applying for housing benefit on our blog about housing benefit .
  • Report your move to the municipality on time. Many large authorities take over your address details from the municipality. It is therefore important that this address matches your residential address, so that you do not miss any important mail.
  • For your other mail you can use the Post NL relocation service. This allows you to automatically move your mail to your new address.
  • This includes requesting and / or canceling water, gas and electricity supplies. This prevents you from running out of water, gas and / or electricity in your new home and that you do not continue to pay for your old home for too long. You often have to take the readings on the day of your move and pass them on to the delivery companies. It may be that your landlord has already taken care of the application.

Fantasize and brainstorm about your new hideaway

A new home is the perfect opportunity to think carefully about your wishes in and around your home. You can think of colors, materials, combinations and atmospheres that you want to create in your home. On our facebook page we have a link to a fun and useful test where you can find out what your living style is. Also ask friends and family for help, they can give you slightly different insights into your interior.

Have a nice day and enjoy it

Moving is a fun and important event in your life. A new home also means a new step. So make sure that you have trusted and nice people around you during the move. Music in the background always helps to create the atmosphere. Eat and drink enough during the move. You will need this during and after your hard work. In addition, it also ensures that you can relax for a moment and chat together.